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Gun Rights

I am a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment. I have been involved with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) since 2013 and a founding member since 2015. They have done important work in our capitol and statewide in their preemption project, Constitutional Carry, and have started to solidify stand-your-ground and castle doctrine laws.

    1. I will support any laws expanding our constitutional right to bear arms to all Americans 18+ in Idaho.
    2. I will support legislation strengthening Idaho's stand-your-ground and castle doctrine laws.
    3. I will support legislation to remove the power of public universities to regulate the carrying of concealed firearms on campus, and return that power to the legislature.
    4. I will support a bill laying out penalties for governmental entities and individuals who knowingly and willingly violate the preemption statute.
    5. I will oppose all methods of gun control.
    6. I will oppose legislation banning high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic firearms.
    7. I will oppose legislation implementing "Universal Background Checks."

I will ALWAYS support legislation expanding and/or protecting your right to bear arms.