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2019 Voting Record for Jim Guthrie

H0015 1 HB 15 would exempt any fees assessed for compiling public records request from sales taxes. 2/4/2019 Yes
S1023 -1 SB 1023 would apply graduated penalties to anyone who commits assault or battery against an employee of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. 2/6/2019 No
S1039 -2 SB 1039 would repeal the 2020 sunset date for the Wolf Depredation Control Board. 2/7/2019 Yes
H0010 4 HB 10 would establish an interstate pharmaceutical practice compact and take steps to ease restrictions on the practice of pharmacy in Idaho. 2/11/2019 Yes
H0012 2 HB 12 would make it easier to prescribe opioid antagonists and would eliminate an educational program run by the Department of Health and Welfare. 2/11/2019 Yes
H0025 0 HB 25 would prohibit cities from annexing five acres or more of agricultural land without the consent of a landowner. 2/11/2019 Yes
H0009 1 HB 9 is a substantial rewrite of the Medical Practice Act, which regulates the practice of physicians and physician assistants in the state. 2/12/2019 Yes
S1008 2 SB 1008 would change apprenticeship regulations for electrical contractors and journeymen. 2/12/2019 Yes
S1028 -1 SB 1028 would give first responders worker’s compensation if they have suffered from post-traumatic stress injury on the job. 2/12/2019 Yes
H0062 0 HB 62 would extend the property tax reductions to the occupancy tax, which is assessed on new construction. 2/14/2019 Yes
S1029 -3 SB 1029 would create a new school-turnaround program to provide additional funding and resources to Idaho’s worst public schools. 2/15/2019 Yes
SJR101 -1 SJR 101 would propose an amendment to the Idaho Constitution to expand the rights of crime victims in the state. 2/18/2019 Yes
S1064 -2 SB 1064 would expand the authority of law enforcement to issue citations to motorists who use mobile electronic devices while driving and increase fines. 2/19/2019 No
H0026 1 HB 26 would give the owners of underground storage tanks additional time to comply with federal regulations governing those tanks. 2/20/2019 Yes
H0044 -1 HB 44 would double the maximum fee assessed on private forest lands under the Forest Practices Act. 2/20/2019 Yes
S1053 2 SB 1053 would allow individuals to obtain a license as a barber or barber-stylist through an apprenticeship. 2/21/2019 Yes
S1058 1 SB 1058 would allow charter school administrators to receive an alternate certificate rather than a full teaching certificate, as required under current law ... 2/22/2019 No
S1093 0 SB 1093 would codify the pretrial supervision programs that counties operate. 2/25/2019 Yes
S1105 -1 SB 1105 would allow students to use Advanced Opportunities funding for career technical education workforce training programs. 2/25/2019 Yes
S1096 1 SB 1096 would allow assisted living facilities to use private organizations for conducting government-required inspections. 2/26/2019 Yes
S1108 -2 SB 1108 would create a new scholarship program for driver training programs and increase the state reimbursement to school districts for their driver traini ... 2/26/2019 Yes
S1125 1 SB 1125 would allow agricultural commodity warehouses to issue electronic receipts. 2/26/2019 Yes
H0042 1 HB 42 would ensure that labor negotiations are open to the public, as called for by open meeting laws. 2/27/2019 Yes
S1007 -2 SB 1007 would create a new Collection Agency Recovery Fund which all collection agencies licensed in Idaho would be required to pay into. It also would mak ... 2/27/2019 Yes
S1082 -1 SB 1082 would increase the fees the state Brand Board can assess for inspections and certificates. 2/27/2019 Yes
S1097 -1 SB 1097 would obligate health insurers to continue coverage for persons who are participating in a clinical trial. 2/27/2019 Yes
S1111 1 SB 1111 would allow a notary public to work electronically. 2/27/2019 Yes
H0003 -1 HB 3 would greatly increase the licensure fee for counselors and therapists while making moderate reforms to reduce barriers to the industry. 2/28/2019 No
H0004 1 HB 4 would eliminate a requirement that applicants for licensure as an occupational therapist submit a new application after failing two attempts on the lic ... 2/28/2019 Yes
H0007 0 HB 7 would lower the age barrier for licensure as a nursing home administrator and put a cap on the length of time trainees have to complete their training. 2/28/2019 Yes
H0008 1 HB 8 would expand the prescribing authority for midwives and make clerical changes to the licensing statutes. 2/28/2019 Yes
H0022 2 HB 22 would remove the age limit requirement for sign language interpreters and allow licensees to show proof of licensure electronically. 2/28/2019 Yes
H0046 0 HB 46 would allow for shorthand reporters to obtain licensure by endorsement and would expand the testing options available. 2/28/2019 Yes
H0086 1 HB 86 would apply the sales tax exemption for labor charges to the labor charges for installing accessories on new vehicles. 2/28/2019 Yes
H0108 1 HB 108 would give building inspectors six months on the job before they have to obtain a certification. 2/28/2019 Yes
S1071 1 SB 1071 would fill a gap in existing law by granting licensees governed by certain licensing authorities eligibility to collect attorney’s fees as the preva ... 2/28/2019 Yes
H0068 1 HB 68 would repeal the statute which allows legislators to spike their pension once they leave the Legislature. 3/1/2019 Yes
S1078 1 SB 1078 would allow small brewers to contract with others to brew their beer in off-site facilities. 3/1/2019 Yes
S1037 -1 SB 1037 would give land surveyors authority to enter most private properties without the express permission of a landowner. 3/4/2019 Yes
S1075 0 SB 1075 would amend Idaho’s statutes regulating the use of assistance devices and service animals for individuals with disabilities. 3/5/2019 Yes
S1129 0 Senate Bill 1129 would allow dental therapists to work in limited settings. 3/5/2019 Yes
H0005 1 HB 5 would eliminate the Board of Chiropractic Physicians’ peer review committee. 3/6/2019 Yes
H0024 1 HB 24 would remove weight restrictions for utility-type vehicles (UTVs). 3/6/2019 Yes
H0058 2 HB 58 would make it easier for individuals to donate unused prescription drugs to others in need. 3/6/2019 Yes
H0074 -1 HB 74 would change requirements and restrictions for off-highway vehicles and would give the Department of Parks and Recreation additional authority. 3/6/2019 No
H0075 -1 HB 75 would require nonresidents to purchase a user certificate to use an off-highway vehicle (OHV) in Idaho. 3/6/2019 No
H0076 0 HB76 would establish a regulatory framework for ebikes. 3/6/2019 Yes
H0090 2 HB 90 would revise the definitions for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility-type vehicles. 3/6/2019 Yes
H0103 1 HB 103 would require local governments to disclose the cost of a proposed levy on the ballot. 3/6/2019 Yes
SJR102 -1 SJR 102 would propose an amendment to the Idaho Constitution to expand the rights of crime victims in the state. 3/7/2019 Yes
H0106 0 HB 106 would require drivers to slow down and move to outside lanes for tow trucks and highway incident response vehicles, rather than just emergency vehicl ... 3/12/2019 Yes
H0109 -3 HB 109 would establish a Maternal Mortality Review Committee under the state Department of Health and Welfare 3/12/2019 Yes
H0151 -1 HB 151 would increase the licensing fees that health departments can assess, would add fees they may assess and limit them from assessing any others. 3/12/2019 Yes
H0153 -1 HB 153 would increase the starting salary for teachers by $1,500 for each of the next two years. 3/12/2019 Yes
H0182 1 HB 182 would allow pharmacists to prescribe a limited array of medications without having specific authorization from the Board of Pharmacy. 3/12/2019 Yes
S1061 1 SB 1061 would replace the indefinite levy which school districts can collect with a fixed term levy while making it easier for schools to take advantage of ... 3/12/2019 Yes
S1068 -2 SB 1068 would establish registration for pharmacy benefit managers operating in Idaho. 3/12/2019 Yes
S1074 1 SB 1074 would specify that a county is not responsible for providing health coverage to individuals who have been recently released from jail. 3/12/2019 Yes
S1110 0 SB 1110 would establish standards of behavior for bail enforcement agents (bounty hunters) and would eliminate vague language which could lead to bail agent ... 3/12/2019 Yes
S1131 -1 SB 1131 would dramatically increase the fines for passing a stopped school bus. 3/12/2019 Yes
H0158 0 HB 158 would limit the ability of homeowner associations to restrict installation of solar panels on private homes. 3/13/2019 Yes
S1151 1 Bill description: SB 1151 would cap the amount of wildlife depredation payments to any single person at 10 percent of the total annual appropriation. 3/13/2019 Absent
S1180 0 SB 1180 would establish a new mechanism by which charter schools can obtain lower interest capital bonds. 3/14/2019 Yes
S1182 -1 SB 1182 would establish mandatory disclosure statements for companies that install residential solar power systems. 3/14/2019 Yes
H0093 -1 HB 93 would give the State Board of Education authority to provide funding to nontraditional educator preparation programs for training teachers. 3/18/2019 Yes
H0118 1 HB 118 would prohibit the use of pretrial risk algorithms with inherent bias and would require the algorithms are made available to the public. 3/18/2019 Yes
H0144 1 HB 144 would exempt individuals who are working at assisted living facilities from having to be licensed as a barber or cosmetologist if they wish to help r ... 3/18/2019 Yes
H0180 0 HB 180 would expressly allow syringe and needle exchanges to operate in Idaho, and would regulate their operation. 3/18/2019 Yes
S1138 1 SB 1138 would create a new, provisional license for electricians. 3/18/2019 Yes
S1178 -1 SB 1178 would prohibit individuals from using exploding targets from May 10 through October 20 each year on state-owned public land. 3/18/2019 Yes
H0141 1 HB 141 would make it easier for mining operations to establish reclamation plans and would require underground mines to establish such plans. 3/19/2019 Yes
H0201 -1 HB 201 would make an exception for small taxing districts by letting them increase their budgets beyond the statutory limit on how much their budgets can gr ... 3/19/2019 Yes
H0209 -1 HB 209 would allow law enforcement officers to arrest an individual without a warrant if the officer is responding to a report that the individual has made ... 3/19/2019 Yes
H0244 0 HB 244 would allow naturopaths an increased scope of practice and would allow practitioners to get a license. 3/19/2019 Yes
S1159 1 SB 1159 would revise several procedures for the initiative process in Idaho. 3/22/2019 No
H0078 1 HB 78 would establish a DUI diversion program that would allow individuals charged with a DUI to choose alternative sentencing. 3/26/2019 Yes
H0179 -1 HB 179 would have the Transportation Department revoke a vehicle registration if they determine a vehicle owner does not have individual insurance coverage. 3/26/2019 No
H0189 1 HB 189 would limit the authority of the state Department of Fish and Game to conduct warrantless searches. 3/26/2019 Yes
H0199 2 HB 199 would clarify the laws concerning carrying concealed weapons. 3/26/2019 Yes
H0248 1 HB 248 would establish the Occupational Licensing Reform Act and would reduce barriers to licensure for military members, veterans, and their spouses. 3/26/2019 Yes
S1205 0 SB 1205 would require the Legislature to take affirmative action to adopt administrative rules proposed by executive agencies. 3/26/2019 Yes
H0206 1 HB 206 would expand permitless concealed carry to include areas within city limits. 3/27/2019 Yes
H0217 2 HB 217 would increase the opportunity for voter input on the use of urban renewal dollars. 3/27/2019 No
H0259 0 HB 259 would require all marketplace facilitators, such as eBay, to remit sales taxes to the state on goods sold into Idaho. 3/28/2019 Yes
S1060 1 SB 1060 would allow high school students to graduate early or take a flexible schedule if they meet certain requirements established by the Idaho State Boar ... 3/28/2019 Yes
S1113 0 SB 1113 would amend many of Idaho’s campaign finance laws, and would require campaign finance disclosures in many of Idaho’s small cities. 3/28/2019 Yes
H0275 1 HB 275 would allow for renewable short-term health insurance plans with fewer regulations than full-coverage health plans. 3/29/2019 Yes
H0122 -1 HB 122 would require the state department of Agriculture to develop a state plan for growing hemp and would allow for very restricted transport of hemp thro ... 4/1/2019 Yes
S1204 -1 SB 1204 would establish work requirements for Medicaid expansion enrollees, would allow enrollees above the poverty line to receive coverage on the private ... 4/2/2019 No
S1204 3 SB 1204 would establish work requirements for Medicaid expansion enrollees, would allow enrollees above the poverty line to receive coverage on the private ... 4/5/2019 No
H0300 -1 HB 300 would give the Idaho State Police and the Department of Agriculture authority to issue permits and regulate the transportation of hemp through the st ... 4/9/2019 Yes