Public Education

Are we still cramming cookie-cutter education designed specifically for industrial jobs down our kids' throats? Why? I look to place the power of learning to the local level (school districts). Every district has different needs in education. Let the parents, educators, administration, and school boards decide what's best for the children in their district. Government oversight from the federal level down has impeded the learning capabilities and coursework of our children. Career and Technical Education (CTE) and apprenticeship training through partnerships with local businesses will let our youth narrow down their career path sooner. Give them release time to participate in these opportunities utilizing their elective credits. Our trades are suffering due to our youth thinking traditional college/university is the only option for them. Time to start thinking outside the box.

Home Schooling

I haven't talked to anyone who homeschools who takes the instruction of their children lightheartedly. It is a monumental task that would (and probably does) deter a lot of parents from homeschooling. I look forward to protecting and enhancing the rights of these families who choose to homeschool.

Idaho Coalition of Home Educators Survey