No Mo' "Jimmy G"

This page is dedicated to the illustrious Jim Guthrie.

Corruptible. Compromising. Big government. NOT conservative.

How many of these large contributions have come from anyone in District 28 in 2018? Zero. Jim Guthrie has been bought and paid for, folks. He no longer has YOUR best interest at heart. Corporate America has Jim by the throat.

You can check other election years' contributions.

Quite a picture it paints.

Follow the money!

Freedom Index Scores:

2016: 60% (Election Year)

Jim Guthrie's Campaign Contributors

As of 3/15/2018

    • Altria - "We are a Fortune 200 company, proud to call Richmond, Virginia our home. Our companies – which have been the undisputed market leaders in the U.S. tobacco industry for decades – include some of the most enduring names in American business: Philip Morris USA, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, the maker of Copenhagen and Skoal. We also own John Middleton, manufacturer of Black & Mild cigars, Nat Sherman, a super-premium cigarette and cigar business and Nu Mark, an innovation company that makes e-vapor products like Mark Ten."
  • AT&T
    • Cottonwood Financial - Founded in 1996, Cottonwood Financial is one of the largest privately held retail consumer finance companies in the consumer finance industry. Headquartered in Irving (Las Colinas), Texas, we have company-owned locations, under our Cash Store brand, across the country. This national brick-and-mortar footprint, coupled with our online presence, allows us to provide best-in-class customer service and offer an innovative mix of financial products and services to our customers.
    • James Kissler - Norco, Inc. CEO (Lives in Boise)
    • Express Scripts - Mail order pharmacy
    • Pfizer - American pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City, with its research headquarters in Groton, Connecticut. Pfizer is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.
    • Idaho Cable Broadband Association PAC - The mission of the association is to promote the well-being of the cable broadband industry through effective political, public relations, and educational activities. (CableONE, Cox Communications, Independent Cable Systems of Idaho Suddenlink, Charter Communications, Comcast)
    • Midas Gold - Idaho mining company
    • Union Pacific Railroad - (My employer, by the way)

2017: 60% (Non-Election Year)

Freedom Index Score 2017

2018: 80% (Election Year)

Idaho Freedom Index 2018

2019: 58% (Non-Election Year)

(Reps. Andrus and Armstrong prove you can be conservative)

Quick Reference Guides to Negative Freedom Index Votes:

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American Conservative Union Ratings:

2015 Ratings of Idaho Guthrie 100%

2016 Ratings of Idaho Guthrie 80%

2017 Ratings of Idaho Guthrie 63%

2018 Ratings of Idaho Guthrie 68%

Lifetime Average: 78%

He has clearly lost his touch.